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NSDs and Other Frugal Thoughts

June 17th, 2008 at 07:36 am

In an effort to curtail last week's expenses which seemed high to me, I am being rather homebody-ish about life this week. Yesterday was a NSD - Sunday was the normal donut run/gas/last minute gift for FIL who we weren't supposed to be seeing but did. Expenses so far this week $58.

June 16 and 17 NSD -

We are heading out to the library - DD10 likes foreign language tapes and we have no dish/satellite TV until we switch back to cable on Fri (reception went out after storm, the tech people insist it is a problem with the switch - they'll send someone out on Thurs for $70 per hour). Guess what? Only $49 to switch back to comcast and their package is $99 versus the $150 I've been paying. Anyhow need to stock up on DVDs and movies to watch til then.

And I have a bin of winter stuff for kids'consigment store. Hoping to make some money there (I'd be happy with $30)

I've been doing cheap snacks this week - rice krispy treats and chocolate pudding and jello with cool whip. Need to explore more snack alternatives - I'm thinking about making trail mix - haven't tried granola bars yet to make.

Have a good day!

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