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New attitude emerges with the new month

April 29th, 2008 at 07:14 pm

I had a quirky post written by my alter-ego Nem (a debt lover living for instant gratification in the pursuit of material happiness) I have again fallen off of the bandwagon and been careless - or actually NOT caring which is worse about the budget. Several things came up and for the first time I was in the red.

I tripled paid my AT&T bill and am now fighting to get back $250. That didn't help matters and there were new tires and repairs to the dryer, etc. etc.

Anyhow - I have now broken my budget down for the next two months (including tax refund and stimulus check) I have a major expense of putting a new roof on a rental property for $2800 (cheaper though than I had anticipated) Our trip to Disney is fully funded and I think I have enough budgeted for gas and food, etc. I have accounted for all bills and the third check in May will help out with things.

I think with due diligence I am back on track. The last three days of the month have been rolled over to be included with the first week of May. I am being careful to stay within my allotment.

So I might have to post daily for accountability. But I'm back (again) and have overcome the shame of losing the money war (with myself).

Attn DisneySteve and any other Disney Goers

April 28th, 2008 at 03:16 pm

I was reading somoe blogs and saw that miclason is going to be going to FL soon, as my family is. This is our first major trip (ten days) with the kids. The trip is booked and paid for with four nights on-site and a four day Park Hopper pass.

I am looking for practical advice to keep the price down while we are there.

Is there a Disney outlet for souvenirs in the area?

Any and all advice from frugal folks are appreciated!

New here, you can call me NEM

April 28th, 2008 at 09:38 am

Allow me to introduce myself ... I tam he nemesis of Mom-sense (presently referred to as Mom-sense-less), call me Nem.

I have always been lurking close to the surface - call me the one of the shoulder in the horns, wielding the pitchfork while twirling my tail. I was first a barely audible whisper, but I have been gaining momentum. I have not become a full-grown monkey on the back - but I may appear red somewhere else - like on the budget.

Mom-sense-less has tried her best to be prudent, but she hasn't planned very well for obvious things - like clothing for the children (and there are many of them to clothe). She has been through a lazy spurt and the family has had to dine out (and not in a fun - "Let's go eat" because it is a treat - but begrudginly ...)

There is a trip for the family planned (already paid for) and the spending money has had to leave the house and go to stay at her mother's so it won't be touched.

For the first time Sense-less' budget was negative. It probably would have been in the black had she planned better what items needed to be purchased, rather than buying MORE than what was needed. She justified this because of 30% off using her Kohl's charge. Sadly she doesn't have the money to pay it off and is paying interest.

She uttered to herself, I will use the rebate check and income from part-time job to pay this. Did she forget she had planned on using those funds for thing like real estate taxes, a roof for the rental property, and some funds to go to retirement? Once she starts rediverting those funds, I will win. It is kinks in her thought process that have allowed me get a strong-hold in the past. Sadly enough it isn't extreme frivolity that has caused this - rather STUFF that really wasn't needed.

She had to use the credit card to pay for a repair to the dryer. She justified it and said, "it is better than having to buy a new one." The pink pig from Feedthepig.org on her corner couldn't oink loud enough for her to hear - I think he said something like "How would you have afforded a new one?"

Sense-less did up her contribution to her IRA by $10 per month and her DH's 401(k) by 1% (this is covered by a small salary increase which will only take $30 from the budget)

She has squandered gas to do recreational shopping. Her aunt is coming to visit in the summer and they are going to sew. Thankfully she just purchased a pattern ($1.99) but her aunt isn't actually here and there isn't actually any certainty she will become friends with the sewing machine.

She has squandered food money to buy prepackaged c**p cookies when she has prided herself on the fact that she bakes from scratch and avoids preservatives and chemicals.

So anyhow, I am here. You can call me Nem. Hell with frugality, spend those rebate checks before they come in. Big screen TVs and pedicures are waiting. Expensive dinners out and rounds of golf. Brand new Hanna Andersson clogs for all your daughters. New soccer balls for your sons!

Upped retirement savings contributions

April 9th, 2008 at 08:51 am

Well, since there has been some irresponsible spending in the budget - sad about those frivolous and thoughtless purchases that were whims rather than real needs, or wants, for that matter ...

I increased my contributions to my Vanguard IRA by $10 per month (not a lot, but hey, I am increasing)

And I upped DH's contribution rate by 1% to 7% (employer matches up to 6%) but it is a simplified way of adding funds.

I'm hoping to do this once a quarter to slowly accumulate wealth.

This is my responsible money making decision for the month.

Commitment to tackling $4k debt by December08

April 7th, 2008 at 07:31 am

Well, I have been faithfully paying the minumum + finance charge to the American Express Blue which has 3.99% interest for life of balance transfer repayment. The balance is presently at $9,315.00.

I want to pay off half of the debt by December. I got a balance transfer check (0% through December 08 and no transfer fee). I moved $4,000.00. I plan on NOT paying ANY interest on this and have reworked by budget for June to meet my goal.

This is definitely a commitment to debt reduction. Scary, but now I've got regular credit card interest if I don't reach my goal!