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BA - This one is for you - Rather Off-Topic

June 11th, 2008 at 06:38 am

I have been on the blog long enough to know that fellow blogger Broken Arrow likes kareoke, and is good enough to share some of his renditions with us.

Fast forward to home of the Senses. We own a Play Station 2 which Santa brought. The games are rather expensive and the kids have their favorites plus we rent some from the local Family Video. While I wouldn't quantify it as quality family time, we do have fun trying to beat one another at Dance Dance Revolution.

DD10 was at a friend's two weeks ago and did a version of Kareoke. She convinced the other kids to chip in their monthly allowance from their grandma to purchase this item.

We headed to Toys r Us yesterday with their cash and my $10 off coupon (I had hoped this item wouldn't be that expensive and I could get some practical like socks or undies for free with coupon). The item was $49.00 less the $10 then the $4 tax. My OOP was $4 to cover tax, the value of this item is priceless!

Having parents in their 30s, my kids have listened to 80s music forever. They opted for the 80s version (compared to the 90s and pop and some other version). First off, my kids have great talent - there is a playback feature and they sound really good. Even the three year old who knows some odd refrains to some of the songs. They performed at Hopeful level. DH and I cannot harmonize, carry a tune, read the words that accurately, or hold a note. We were awful and we were ranked Tone Deaf.

Aside from the fact that some of the me in make-up confused by DD9 (like Boy George), we had so much fun! We laughed until we cried (after listening to ourselves). I never would have thought that such a contraption could further our family fun.

I also had to realize that prior to the transaction that my children are making choices with their money. I cannot be allowance gestapo - they will make right decisions, and they will make wrong decisions.

Now go and find BA's blog and listen to some of his quality songs. I gotta go sing a round of Our House by Madness, then Everyone Wants to Rule the world by Tears for Fears.

3 Responses to “BA - This one is for you - Rather Off-Topic”

  1. JanH Says:

    DS and DIL got rock band and they've been playing with DD and BF and they say it is so fun. We were invited to come and play sometime, but Hubby can't even clap in time with anyone and neither of us can sing on key. I can't imagine what it would be like including us with all those musically inclined (and with music degrees) kiddoes! They would laugh themselves silly!

  2. EvieD Says:

    IMO, you did the right thing.

    LOL about the "allowance gestapo."

    It is afterall, THEIR money. And the worst case scenario is that they wind up having buyer's remorse :::although I don't see that happening::: and the next time they want to go out and buy something they would look back on this and hopefully think long and hard before they made a rash decision. Again this is meant to be hypothetical because it sounds like everyone loves the purchase.

  3. Broken Arrow Says:

    Hehe. You called me out. How very sweet of you.

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