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Redeemed Reward Points and Weekend Spending - Minimal

June 2nd, 2008 at 06:45 am

I finally accumulated 130K points on my debit/credit cards with National City (put as much possible on cc with car purchase, plus first installment of real estate taxes and other living expenses). I redeemed them yesterday for:

$100 Toys R Us gift card
$100 Target gift card
$50 JCP gift card
$10 Barnes and Noble gift card
$10 Panera gift card
$10 Chili's gift card
$5 Starbuck's gift card

After July 1st I start my Christmas/birthday shopping for the DKs- I know, kinda early but there are quite a few of them to shop for and it would be a budget buster if I waited til the last minute)

In an effort to continute to track living expenses, here is the breakdown of spending for June 1 -

Church $22.50
Groceries $18.89 (milk/coffee/donuts)

Have a good day!

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