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Home from Vacation!

May 31st, 2008 at 12:09 pm

We returned last night from our road trip to Disney! It was the first major trip we have taken with all of the kids. The ride from the Midwest to FL was fine - did it in a 1-1/2 days - saw a lot of intereseting things.

We did four days at Disney - I was surprised by how well everything went, no really long waits thanks to FastPass. Kids made wise choices with souvenirs and in the end I spent about $80 from the left over Disney dollars to get everyone T-shirts. Got some shopping done with coffee mugs for grandfathers for fathers day. Did manage to stop at a Citrus World and buy tacky coconut monkey banks as gag gift and $.99 key chains for kids friends (it was buy five get one free - 12 keychains cost $9.90).

Good news is I over budgeted in every category and came home with $700 (though we did put the stroller rental charge on the credit card and did have to purchase an extra pair of sunglasses for DD 10).

I'm looking forward to June!

1 Responses to “Home from Vacation!”

  1. tripods68 Says:

    Great job! I hope we'll have some left over $$ after our vacation in San Diego this summer.

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