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Recap of Weekend Spending (5/9-5/10)

May 12th, 2008 at 06:50 am

Well, weekends have previously meant over- and frivolous spending - I am tracking diligently and here is the breakdown:

$35 oil change ($15 air filter was not included in my $23 budgeting, but it needed to be replaced)
$30 gas
$10 rental property repair (2nd go around at leaky toilet repair)
$10 misc (more coupons to spend at Michaels and Joannes - got tissue paper for wrapping Mother's Day gifts for grandmas - and a Hannah Montana iron on decal and a solid color T shirt for one of my daughters)
$30 donation to church
$20 groceries (for our Sunday breakfast, this included paper)

TOTAL $135 - All of this was budgeted for with the exception of the $10 rental repairs and $10 misc.

All in all, I'm pleased that I'm staying on track - plus I am realizing that I will need "x" amout of money for school shopping in August - so I'm going to resort to the envelope method - I'm acquiring some discipline and enjoying the freedom that it brings.

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