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Three cheers for DH - my DIY Plumber Man

May 10th, 2008 at 06:41 pm

My DH has a desk job - he analyzes corporate finance. He has never been one to DIY - he has scoffed at my suggestion that we tile the bathroom ourselves. He did sand and stain our kitchen set that we purchased piece by piece from Naked Furniture (real wood unfinished furniture). It was tedious but turned out nice.

Fast forward to our rental property - last weekend under the tuteledge of my stepfather - he tackled a leaky toilet. Well, the toilet was leaking again and my stepfather wasn't able to help him out. Today DH went and purchased another wax seal, disassembled, then reassembled the toilet Plus the pipe was leaking and he fixed that too. I am sure that in and of itself, toilet repair/removal isn't brain surgery. But for DH it is.

So he saved us a plumber's trip out - at least $80 to get them in the door. AND he had left over parts to be returned to the tune of $9. He has the receipts! These items can go back!!

The old version of DH would have said, "Well, call the plumber." I don't know where the new version came from, but he can stick around for awhile!

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